Moshav Maon

About the Project

Detached private duplex ready for immediate entry at a discount price of only 960,000 NIS (Instead of 1,034,000)! Duplex 112 m² built, 4 rooms, with a garden, option for expansion, master bedroom unit, adjoining parking, basis for installing a pergola, laundry/service balcony, high quality construction (based on overwhelming majority of Jewish labor), open view and very homely neighbors.

Here between mountain and sky, we open our hearts and invite you – families who want to find their place in life and fulfill their dream together.

Starting from 960,000 NIS

the Yishuv

In Moshav Maon, a variety of young families live alongside veteran families from a broad spectrum of ages and together form a warm and family-friendly community, enjoying shared quality of life, and living in an area overlooking the enchanted landscapes of the Judean Desert. In Maon, emphasis is placed on significant educational activities for children and youth, community meetings and mutual assistance.

How many are we? 80 families
Culture: extracurricular activities for children and youth, Bnei Akiva, basketball courts and soccer pitches, extensive community activity.Judaism: synagogue, Talmud Torah in the afternoon, evening Kolel, mikveh.Education: daycare centers, kindergartens, Machon Reishit,a midrasha for girls.

The nature of the community: Maon is a religious community where emphasis is placed on community life and culture.
Residents’ places of employment: Most of the residents work in the liberal professions, and a large part of them also work in local agriculture – orchards, chicken coops and cowshed/dairy.

Technical Specifications

Moshav Maon.
An Israeli dream in a rural setting.

* All prices are linked to the construction inputs index
Technical specifications – non-final The price does not include the community acceptance fee of NIS 50,000 as well as purchase tax as required by law

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