Tal Menashe

About the Project

The Tal Menashe project is building duplex and terraced housing units. The array of apartments is varied and includes 4 and 5-room apartments with an option to expand. The apartment design process has been extremely well thought-out, offering apartments with large rooms, and an especially large living room. All apartments have large Sukkah balconies and/or large gardens and 2 parking spaces. The apartments provide you with incredible views and are built according to high quality standards, high-level technical specifications, and under close supervision of supervisors and consultants.

10 minutes from Harish! Last two remaining apartments! You too can fulfill your dream …

Starting from1,082,000 NIS

the Yishuv

Tal Menashe is a national-religious, Torani community settlement of over 100 families, located in the center of the country, 9 minutes from Harish and only 12 minutes from Highway 6.The yishuv is currently in the midst of an intensive construction drive and is taking in families. It is home to families of all types, young and old, with an extremely vibrant community life.

Technical Specifications

Tal Menashe.
An Israeli dream in a rural setting.

* All prices are linked to the construction inputs index
Technical specifications – non-final The price does not include the community acceptance fee of NIS 50,000 as well as purchase tax as required by law

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