Tel Zion

About the Project

The project is built in three phases, Phase A and Phase B of 177 units sold and completed, Phase C of 209 units is in various construction stages. The first buildings are in the population phase and the last at the beginning of construction.

Starting from 1,200,000 NIS

the Yishuv

Tel Zion is located in the Binyamin area north of Jerusalem, and intended for the ultra-Orthodox population. There are currently some 1,100 families and in the adjacent Kohav Yaakov there are some 600 families.

Technical Specifications

Tel Zion.
An Israeli dream in a rural setting.

* All prices are linked to the construction inputs index
Technical specifications – non-final The price does not include the community acceptance fee of NIS 50,000 as well as purchase tax as required by law

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